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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



Jessica Weatherford: Vocals

Allen Weatherford: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

Jim Heggen: Bass

Mike Ragland: Drums & Percussion

Cora Gutel: Keyboards




  Moonlight Ford is an Americana band from central Oklahoma fronted by the Husband and Wife songwriting team of Allen and Jessica Weatherford.


Established in early 2010, the couple met when Allen placed an ad on CraigsList for a female singer to front a project he was starting. Three years later, they were married by their drummer, Mike Ragland.

In the early years, Moonlight Ford's style was an eclectic blend of Jazz, Blues, and Swing.  The band produced two full length albums of original material under this blend of genres, "From Here to the Moon" and "Moonlight in Stereo".

Moonlight Ford, inspired by many genres and musicians, decided to overhaul and re-brand their image and sound that the band was originally known for.  The result is the more contemporary Americana sound heard today.

"Must Be the Wine Talking" is the debut single of their new collection of songs, available October 1st, 2020.  This blues-groove duet is for the couple reconnecting in the midst of the rush of every day life.  


Upcoming follow-up tracks will be available soon!


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